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On many occasions we have wondered why countries, some islands or places bear that name or are called that way. The author of this book tries to answer these queries by carrying out a thorough investigation of the origin of the different names all countries, regions and islands in the world have.
During the time it took him to do this piece of work, a fabulous and magnificent path opened up with tales about historical events related with mythology, ancient religions or lost civilizations. A similar situation has occurred with some characters, not always well-known to everybody.
The reading of this text, written in an enjoyable style and with quick access to information, is made simple since countries have been alphabetically ordered allowing instant findings. It is worth mentioning that in most cases recent history has not been taken into account because it is not the author's purpose in his present work.
In this amazing book and thanks to an unprecedented investigation, Edgardo Otero starts the curious reader off on a trip to the past of enjoyable reading that provides invaluable facts and figures.
Besides, he has been able to go a step forward by including some historical names which complete the information of such a highly recommended text.

El Origen de los nombres de todos los países del mundo (y de muchas de las islas que éstos poseen)
Translated from Spanish to English by
Gabriel Mohr, English Teacher
E D G A R D O   O T E R O   -   2003